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Make your business dreams a reality!

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Make your business dreams a reality!

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We offer Commercial Mortgages for the following:

Commercial Mortgages


Commercial Mortgages


Commercial Mortgages

Purchase of Land

Commercial Mortgages

Purchase of Owner
-Occupied property

Basic Requirements:

  • Identification of Key Personnel / Directors – ID, DP, PP
  • Company Profile
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business Proposal / Letter requesting the facility
  • Article of Continuance / Incorporation By Laws
  • Audited Financial Statements or Management Accounts with supporting statements (3 years)
  • Cash Flow projections
  • Downpayment / Funds for Closing Charges
  • Favourable Credit Reports
  • Notice of Directors, Secretary & Address
  • Evidence of Security
  • Copy of VAT Registration (if applicable)
  • Downpayment / Funds for Closing Charges evidenced by statements from Finance Company / Bank / Credit Union / Unit Trust etc.
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Valuation Report (within 3 months) from one of our approved valuator:
    • Linden Scott & Associates
    • Raymond & Pierre
    • Brent Augustus & Associates
    • David W. Knott
    • Terra Caribbean
  • Copy of Title Deed or Mortgage Deed
  • Up-to-date receipts for Land and Building Taxes, Water Rates and WASA Clearance certificate
  • Statement on existing mortgages loans (if applicable)
  • Release in Escrow from mortgage company
  • Life and General Insurance (available from The Maritime Financial Group)

Basic Requirements for construction/renovations:

  • Approved Building Plans
  • Contractor’s Estimates
  • Quantity Surveyor’s / Engineer’s Report

    Hart & Leonard 1987 Ltd

    Michael Samms

    Welsh / Morris Associates

  • Valuation report on completion of construction or renovations
  • Completion Certificate