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Terms and Conditions

(1.) All statements contained in this of application for a loan/lease/mortgage from the Company are true and complete, and were made for the purpose of obtaining such loan/lease/mortgage, and such application includes the express representation that I am not being sued, that there is no unsatisfied judgment against me and that I am not indebted to any other lending institution except as shown within application.


(2.) I undertake to notify the Company immediately on any situation, which materially changes the representation of this application.


(3) That I have not been bankrupt, insolvent, or made any arrangement with my creditors.


(4) That I have not been refused a loan, nor am I being pressed for payment by my present lenders if any


(5) That any mis-statement of facts herein shall entitle the Company to cancel the loan application.


(6) That I hereby authorise and consent the Company to obtain, give to, share and exchange credit and other information about myself with others, including credit bureaus, credit insurers, registries, and other persons with whom you have financial dealings, as well as any other person, as may be permitted or required by law. I jointly and severally agree to indemnify you against any loss claims, damages, liabilities, actions and proceedings, legal and or other expenses which may be directly or reasonably incurred as a consequence of such disclosure on your part.


***Please note: where the singular is expressed it is meant to include as well the plural***